Ljus is a small and flexible advertising agency coming from Southwest Finland.

We are specialized in all sorts of promotional videos and fix the kind of production you need, be it informative corporate video, edgy product video, documentary-style portrait or a music video – we got it!

But why make a video?

Promotional videos no longer mean just expensive TV spots and commercials. Videos are these days made more and more only to be published in internet or to show in billboards and shopping center displays. Videos and social media help companies to communicate directly with the target group and deliver their message often better than they could do with traditional ways. Besides that the feedback is usually available almost immediately! Professional and emotional videos keep rolling in customers minds and in certain ways can almost have their own lifes! Unlike tv-commercials, radio spots and printed ads, the circulation of a promotional video can increase exponentially in internet via social media.

We handle the entire production from writing the script to publishing the video in desired format. We handle subtle and a bit more aggressive viral marketing too, and we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty.

Obviously we also offer graphic design, web site design and maintenance, photographic services and print design. We’ll deliver you readymade prints and promotional materials too, whatever your need may be.

We’re easy! Contact us!